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Travel in Spain

Air Travel to Spain

One of the principal concerns when arriving at a foreign airport is onward transport to your final destination. This is a particular concern with some of the budget airlines which seem to depart or arrive at antisocial hours. A good way to plan this part of your journey is to start with the airport you intend to arrive at. Usually they will list onward public transport links as well as flight operators using the airport.

Airports in Spain

All flight information for flights in Spain can be obtained from Aena. A visit to the website is quite useful if you are looking to find out who is flying to a particular airport.
If you already know the airport you want to fly to and which operators fly there then the next section lists their websites.

Flight operators

The following operators fly routes to Spain. Please investigate their websites for more details of the routes and pricing.

Parking, Park'n'Ride

Flying from the UK you may need to park your car. This can be at the airport or nearby. Both are convenient and sometimes attractive alternatives for getting to and from the airport, especially when flying at an anti-social hour.
  • Stansted Crown Parking Hassle free parking at Stansted Airport. On arrival, a professional driver tajes your car to a secure car park by and stored. When you return your vehicle is waiting for you.
  • Pink Elephant parking provides parking at Heathrow, Southampton, Stansted airports.
  • UK Airport Parking FlyPark provides parking at Heathrow, Stansted and Southampton.
  • Park And Go .Trying to bring you the most competitive discount rates for UK Airport Parking.
  • APH .Park near your departure airport ith a courtesy bus to and from the airport.
  • Airportcarparkz.Conveniently located for Luton airport, 'Park'n'Ride' style parking.
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