Trains in Spain
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Trains in Spain

About the public rail network and train transport in Spain

Railway Services in Spain

Spain has an extensive railroad system which includes High Speed, Long Distance, Regional, and Commuter trains. The national network, known as RENFE has an excellent website where all the services are laid out.
You can also try Die Bahn (the track) for route discovery.. but not always for pricing. It's mainly in German but the useful bits are also in English.

Travering the Costa Blanca there is a 'tourist train' called The Lemon Express. It goes from Denia to Alicante which is useful to connect to the main rail networks (eg at Alicante).

A selection of Train Journeys

  • AVE. High speed AVE lines cover the following routes to the south of Spain:
    AVE Madrid-Sevilla, going through Ciudad Real, Puertollano and Córdoba (2 hours and 15 minutes).
    TALGO 200 Málaga, from Madrid, going as far as Torremolinos and Fuengirola (4 hours and 35 minutes).
    TALGO 200 Cádiz-Huelva, from Madrid to Cádiz going through Jerez de la Frontera (4 hours and 50 minutes), and from Madrid to Huelva (4 hours and 25 minutes).
    TALGO 200 Algeciras, from Madrid, going through Ronda (5 hours and 50 minutes).
  • ALARIS. A train that covers the Madrid-Valencia route in 3 hours and 30 minutes, going through Albacete and Xátiva; some departures go as far as Gandía and Castellón.
  • ALTARIA. A train that covers the Madrid-Alicante route in 3 hours and 30 minutes, going through Aranjuez and Albacete.
  • ARCO. A train that covers the Barcelona-Valencia route stopping in the major cities along the Mediterranean coast. Some departures go as far as Portbou and Murcia.
  • EUROMED. A train that covers the Barcelona-Alicante route in 4 hours and 35 minutes, going through Tarragona, Castellón and Valencia.
  • CATALAN TALGO. A a day train that covers the Barcelona-Montpellier route.
  • MARE NOSTRUM. A a day train that covers the Cartagena-Barcelona-Montpellier route.
  • International TrainHotels, such as Lusitania (Madrid-Lisbon), Francisco de Goya (Madrid-Paris), Joan Miró (Barcelona-Paris), Salvador Dalí (Barcelona-Milan), and Pau Casals (Barcelona-Zurich) provide comfortable and stylish night travel.
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