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Andalusia Region in Spain

Author: Carl Ton

This attractive region of Spain has a lot to be admired and leaves beautiful memories in the minds of those who choose it as a vacation destination. It has stunning landscapes and the climate is perfect. This is the perfect place for those who love to sun bathe and have relaxing but exciting moments on the beach.

Navigators chose this region as part of their adventure because of the sandy, golden beaches that stretch for many kilometers as well as the naturally beautiful ports. The Atlantic Ocean coasts have soothing, fine sand, and the climate is less windy than, for example, the Mediterranean coast, stretching to Almeria, which experiences higher water temperature in its waters.

Andalusia has natural mountain ranges, which attract many tourists because of their intrigue in the beauty of the local fauna. While here, you can enjoy skiing in the mountains or surfing on the beaches but, whatever you choose, you are assured of having a great fun-filled experience. The mountains and the beaches are a perfect combination that is not easily found in many parts of Europe.

This region offers cultural folklore, which includes bullfighting and the famous Flamenco. The Spanish traditions are held dear here, and you will get to experience them first hand. The city is actually considered the heart of all Spanish folklore; what is found here can't be found anywhere else. This is a great place for those who are interested in the cultural values of the Spaniards.

Great spots in Andalusia

The major tourist attractions here are monuments in the region's capital, Seville, which include the landmark of the city, the Arabian Bell Tower, and the Cathedral Torre Del Oro. Barrio Santa Cruz, which is an old district of Andalusia, is quite an important attraction as well. Cordoba province also has a number of monuments of great importance.

Granada province is situated on a very attractive mountain range, which is extremely snowy. This attracts lots of people, especially those who love snow skiing. There is also a magnificent Arabian palace that is outstanding. Another wonderful mountain range can be found in Ronda town; it is quite impressive.

Andalusia's Malaga province, found on the Mediterranean coastal side known as Costa del Sol, is a major tourist attraction because of its sandy beaches and great climate. The centers found here offer differing services to visitors and are also very convenient.

These are just a few in the long list of hot tourist spots found in the Andalusia region in Spain.

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