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Spain FAQs

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Spain FAQs

Hello and welcome to Spain FAQs.


This website has been designed as a simple guide for anyone thinking of visiting Spain. There are many guides for Spain which often only serves to confuse the researcher.

We have collected many authorative links which we thought useful as a starting point for anyone planning a visit to Spain.

In keeping with best internet practice, the future direction of this website will be determined by its users. If you find this website useful, or even if you do not, we hope that you will tell us how you would improve it. We are also interested in links that you think should be added or removed or simply do not work.

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All links from this website are for your convenience. Whereas we excercise editorial judgement on the content of this website, we do not offer any warranty about the quality or accuracy of the information provided by other websites. Whenever entering into a purchase agreement it is well to remember Buyer Beware.

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